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NDE 4.0 Podcast - 5 Questions for an NDE / NDT Expert

Welcome to the NDE 4.0 Podcast. This is the podcast for NDT and NDE professionals where we ask the big questions about news and trends in the industry. Every episode, we explore new NDT / NDE technologies and let you decide which are the best for your business. NDE 4.0, a new operating paradigm that is rapidly growing, is the driving force behind the podcast. With NDE. 4.0 technologies enabled, your business is positioned to be the best it can be.

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Podcast Episodes

Johannes VianaEpisode 3 — NDE 4.0: Connecting Technologies for a Better Product

Our Guest: Dr. Johannes Vrana, PhD

March 16, 2020

On this episode of the NDE 4.0 Podcast, we interview Dr. Johannes Vrana. Johannes is an NDE consultant who is also a thought leader in applying Industry 4.0 to the NDE field. He defines NDE 4.0 as connecting various technologies like cloud software, iOT, digital twins, AI, etc., to improve business outcomes and provide a better product for customers.

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NDE 4.0 Expert - Dr. Ripi Singh, PhD

Episode 2 — How NDT Companies Should Approach NDE 4.0

Our Guest: Dr. Ripi Singh, PhD

March 1, 2020

On this episode of the NDE 4.0 Podcast, we interview Dr. Ripi Singh, PhD, a prominent thought leader and business consultant focused on Industry 4.0. In this informative conversation, Ripi discusses the importance of building a digital transformation framework for the business before moving forward with various NDE 4.0 technologies. He also discusses the future of the inspections industry with regard to AI, machine learning, and digital twins.

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nasrin azari CEO floodlight software

Episode 1 — NDE 4.0 and Digital Transformation in NDT / NDE

Our Guest: Nasrin Azari — CEO, Floodlight Software

January 22, 2020

In this episode of the NDE 4.0 Podcast, we chat with Nasrin Azari, CEO of Floodlight Software. Nasrin shares her thoughts on why NDE 4.0 is important and how NDT businesses should align themselves to this forward-thinking operating practice. She also explains why the NDT / NDE industry needs digital transformation for the good of the environment and the business itself.

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