Digitally transform industrial inspection and NDT workflows

Designed with input from nondestructive testing and inspections professionals, Floodlight Software enables NDT and industrial inspection companies to deliver more inspections faster and accelerate time to cash. Our cloud-based industrial inspection and NDT management software platform features task-specific modules, giving managers, dispatchers, technicians, and customers the information they need when and how they need it. Watch the video for an overview of Floodlight Software and how it can digitalize your business operations from the field to the back-office.

More industrial inspections and tests, fewer errors, less admin time

With Floodlight Software, owners and managers have full control over job scope, equipment, work requests, files, and the location of technicians. Inspectors are outfitted with an easy-to-use mobile interface for collecting data, managing inspections, NDT, work requests, and tracking activity, time, and expenses. Dispatchers have a complete view of technician skills, certifications, and availability, so the right technicians can be dispatched for every inspection. Your customers get accurate invoicing, timely reporting, and excellent inspection and testing services.

Improve efficiency, streamline business operations

Streamline inspection workflows

Eliminate paper forms and manual data capture.

Save time and money

Reduce effort and overhead spent on administrative tasks.

Improve job safety

Integrate JSAs to keep your field force safe.

Improve communications

A single system of record to enable operations, inspectors and customers to collaborate more productively.

Efficient billing

Immediately and accurately bill customers when work has been completed.

Accurate quoting

Estimate job costs more accurately, quote smarter, and capture additional revenue.

Improved resource utilization

Know where inspectors are and monitor their progress from job to job.

Deliver reports that match customer requirements

Give your customers the inspection data they need in the format they need it in.

Simplify complex industrial inspection and testing service operations

Flexibility is built into Floodlight Software. It’s the only industrial inspection and NDT management software that lets you digitalize operations from request to cash while providing the flexibility and scalability your business needs to meet operational and regulatory requirements.

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