Video Learning Series

How to Digitalize Industrial Inspection, Testing, and Integrity Assessment Operations

Our video learning series covers the various aspects of inspection and testing service delivery and management that our software solves for. Learn more about the specific features and benefits of Floodlight Software on our product tour page.

Client Management

With Floodlight Software’s Client Management capabilities, you can eliminate the need for paper forms, spreadsheets and filing cabinets once and for all.

Capturing and Managing Customer Requests

Floodlight Software can help you capture and manage all of your job request information quickly and easily.

Simple and Fast Job Quoting

With Floodlight Software, get accurate quotes to your customers in record time.

Building a Job / Work Order

Build a job or work order quickly and easily with Floodlight Software.

Dispatching a Job / Work Order

Dispatch a job or work order to your technicians with the right skills and availability. Upon dispatch, techs get notified with all of the relevant information to complete the inspection or testing job.

Job Execution: Save Time, Reduce Errors

With Floodlight Software, your inspection technicians have all of the information they need to accurately complete their work quickly and easily.

Time and Expense Capture

Floodlight Software’s Time and Expense Report module enables technicians to easily log and track expenses related to their jobs and projects. With Floodlight Software, there is no longer a need for a separate timecard or expense log as the technicians can now add their time and expenses right in the work record.

Creating Job Types / Inspection Forms

With Floodlight Software’s Job Types module, you can transform your inspection work forms into digital workflows that match the types of inspections and test your organization performs. This powerful and integrated form building engine allows you to create work forms that serve as both an intuitive data-capture interface for your field technicians and a powerful reporting tool for creating custom reports for your customers.

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