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Digitalize industrial inspection and NDT workflows

What is Floodlight Software?

Floodlight Software is a SaaS platform that automates the quote-to-cash process for industrial inspection and NDT companies. Our cloud-based inspection management software platform is an ideal fit for industrial and NDT inspection companies looking to automate business operations with minimal costs and a quick time to market. Read our solution sheet to learn more.

Streamline inspections from quote to cash

NDT Inspection Service Workflow diagram

Digitalize manual processes and eliminate paper forms

Floodlight Software is comprised of easy-to-use modules that digitalize all areas of your inspections business, from managing work in the field to generating quotes to providing detailed reports to customers, it’s all in there.


Floodlight Software’s intuitive web interface allows dispatchers to better manage field techs and ensure that services are being delivered in a timely and cost-efficient manner.


Our mobile interface module provides a tailored user experience that guides field technicians through inspections and NDT processes, making them more productive and efficient.

Task Designer

A drag-and-drop task designer tool lets your team build or import inspection forms and integrate them into the work flow. A library of pre-built forms can be modified to get started quickly.

Equipment / Asset Management

Our solution lets you track and manage your organization’s service equipment and parts, ensuring that you always have what you need where you need it.

Cost Management

Our software analyzes your inspections delivery data and provides metrics that directly affect profitability by informing how your organization quotes and completes work.

Customer Portal

Your end customers have their own portal area in which to access work performed, see the status of jobs in progress, view invoices, make new requests, download reports, etc.

Client Management

This module allows you to track and manage all data related to your customer, including purchase orders, work requests and assets.


Data utilization is central to our software’s design. Your organization can monitor KPIs, analyze data and take action to improve operations and better manage costs. In addition to delivering timely internal reports, you can export data to deliver reports to your customers to meet their unique requirements.


Our REST API lets you push or pull data to and from our software and any third-party application. We also provide pre-built integrations with accounting and sales systems.

More inspections, fewer errors, happier customers

Read our solution sheet to learn more about the Floodlight Software inspection management platform, the easy way to digitalize your industrial inspection or NDT business.

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