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2020 ASNT Annual Conference Presentation

Digitalization to Lay a Foundation for NDE 4.0

NDT and industrial inspection companies are recognizing the importance of digitizing data and automating testing and inspection processes in order to adapt more quickly to new business requirements and operate more efficiently and effectively. Digitizing all data collection and creating digitized processes enables an organized, consistent, approach to data management that also helps to lay a critical foundation for incorporating NDE 4.0 technologies. In this session, Ms. Azari identifies the long-term benefits of digital transformation for NDT companies, and how to create a roadmap that will take your company from where it is today to where you want to be with respect to NDE 4.0.

Nasrin Azari, CEO, Floodlight SoftwareName: Nasrin Azari
Title/Role: President and CEO of Floodlight Software

Background: Nasrin Azari is currently the President and CEO of Floodlight Software, a SaaS software company that provides the only completely digitalized end-to-end platform specifically designed for Inspection companies. With more than 20 years of experience assisting enterprise organizations make operational improvements through process analysis and mobile solutions, Ms. Azari has recently turned her attention to the NDT industry. In addition to leading Floodlight Software, she also participates in the NDE 4.0 working group, which strives to speed up and improve the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies to advance the goals of NDT.

Discover the Easy Way to Digitalize your Inspection Business

Companies must be prepared to conduct magnetic particle, radiographic, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, visual, and many more NDE / NDT methods every day.

Imagine having a software platform where all of your inspection forms reside digitally and all of your customer data and job history are retrievable at the click of your mouse. A system that lets you capture job requests from your customers or even allows your customers to enter requests directly into YOUR system.

A system that allows better inspector utilization and time management, consistent and easy data capture, detailed job costing, real-time job status for your customers, and a streamlined billing process.

To learn more, view this on-demand webinar with Mike Bruno, VP of Customer Relations, and take a tour of the Floodlight Software Inspection Management Platform, the cloud-based software system designed to digitalize your inspection business.

See the recorded version of this webinar.

Five Ways Digitalization Will Optimize Your Inspection Business

When it comes to industrial inspection services, delivering accurate and thorough information to your customers quickly drives value, customer retention, and loyalty. However, today’s world of manual processes, paper forms, and multiple systems of record cause many inspection service providers to struggle in reporting to customers, maintaining profits, and achieving a competitive advantage.

In this pre-recorded webinar, we’ll share five areas where digitalization can streamline and improve industrial inspection operations to drive the positive and consistent results that you need for your business. These include:

  1. Inspector management and utilization
  2. Data capture and management
  3. Job cost calculating
  4. Real-time reporting to customers
  5. Billing
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