Video Learning Series

Floodlight Software Streamlines Inspection Management

Our video learning series covers the various aspects of inspection and testing service delivery and management that our software solves for. Learn more about the specific features and benefits of Floodlight Software on our product tour page.

Episode 1: Platform Overview

If you are responsible for managing or performing NDT / industrial inspection services, we know that performing your work correctly, consistently, and as efficiently as possible are your top priorities. Your assessments affect the safe operation of critical infrastructure and help prevent costly and/or catastrophic failures. At Floodlight, we believe YOU are heroes. And we built our platform to help our heroes do work better, deliver results more quickly, and run operations smarter and more profitably than ever before.

Episode 2: Easy Custom Report Generation

Delivering accurate job reports to your customers in a timely fashion is a crucial component to your competitiveness and long-term success as an inspection provider. Watch this 20 minute overview of Floodlight’s Reporting module to see how we help you to quickly design report templates and generate job reports at the touch of a button! No more time-consuming copy-and-paste, manual adjustments, or rechecking formulas to make sure all your data is correct and formatted well. Make it easy on yourself with Floodlight.

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