Floodlight Software Featured in Greater Houston ASNT Newsletter

Floodlight Software, formerly the Mobile Reach Inspections Management Platform, was recently featured in the Greater Houston ASNT Chapter Newsletter. In an article in the NDT Trends section titled “The True Disruptor: Software,” Floodlight was covered as being an innovative NDT industry disruptor.

Written by Marybeth Micelli from the We-NDT Marketing Network, Floodlight was highlighted as follows: “Using their expertise in other field services industries, Floodlight Software, along with others in the industry, are following the full integration trend by developing programs that offer a single portal for the entire life of a project from proposal, to dispatch, to project inspection data and analysis, all the way to accounts receivable, greatly reducing the days sales outstanding (DSO). The Floodlight Software solution even includes a customer relationship management (CRM) module to allow sales teams to be integrated with the boots on the ground team for a more efficient and effective sales process.

“Overall, the increased level of customization offered now by these types of software packages allows asset owners to streamline processes, making a real difference to the bottom line without compromising safety.”

Click here to read the full article.

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