Month: August 2019

Three Critical KPIs for NDT Inspections Companies

For NDT inspections companies, performing safe, accurate industrial inspections is a complex endeavor. Business operations can be difficult to keep in synch when you factor in quoting, scheduling, change order management, customer reporting and billing.

Depending on a company’s size and the inspections it performs, many NDT inspections firms have several enterprise applications deployed. These are generally applications that process, store and visualize data, and they are often specialized and lack integration capabilities. This often results in a lack of visibility into what’s occurring at the job site — how long a job took to complete, what equipment was used, who performed the work, and more.

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Four Ways Software as a Service (Saas) Can Grow Your NDT Business

Non-destructive testing companies operate in extremely specialized business landscapes, often making it difficult to differentiate their service offerings from those of their competitors.

Their end customers — be they in industries like aerospace, manufacturing, oil and gas, or renewable energy — all need similar tests and inspections performed for compliance and to keep their assets and equipment environmentally safe and operating at optimal capacity.

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