Video – Tracking Tech Skills & Certifications

Video: Tracking Technician Skills and Certifications

Industrial inspection and nondestructive testing companies perform many types of assessments using a variety of complex testing methods. To ensure maximal safety and compliance and deliver the best service to end customers, these organizations must be absolutely certain the techs doing the work have the right levels of certifications, skills, and/or credentials.

With Floodlight Software, you can easily track the skills and certifications that are required for your inspection and NDT operations. So you know each of your inspectors’ certification levels and you know the exact requirements as far as personnel for each job. First, skills are entered into the Floodlight System via the Admin control panel. Once the skills for your unique inspection and testing operations are in place, you can assign them to the appropriate personnel and job types.

For example, when you go to a Magnetic Particle inspection job type within Floodlight, it will include the skills (and equipment and consumables) necessary to do the job properly and under compliance. So when you are performing inspections and NDT for customers, you will be certain the work is being performed by certified technicians.

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