Oil and Gas

Inspection Management Software for Oil and Gas Industry

Floodlight Software is an inspection management platform designed to streamline inspection, testing, and integrity assessment operations in the oil and gas industry. Whether your oil and gas organization is focused on inspecting and maintenance of pipelines and infrastructure to oil and gas storage tanks, our inspection management software allows your inspectors to get more done with less paperwork. You have many customers, perhaps both internal and external, all of which, depending on their focus —  upstream, downstream, midstream — have different needs for reporting and different forms for compliance. Inspections and nondestructive tests (NDT / NDE) you must perform run the gamut from visual, ultrasonic, radiography, thermography, acoustic emissions, and many others.

Manage all of these and more with Floodlight Software, the cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) that streamlines inspection management from quote to cash. Quickly capture and manage customer requests, send detailed proposals, and schedule and dispatch the work to the inspectors with the necessary skills to complete the job. Build the job based on the unique requirements of your customer and the inspections that are needed, along with consumables and equipment. Keep better track of billable work so you get the most from each inspection, test, and assessment.

More inspections, fewer errors, happier customers

Learn more about the Floodlight Software inspection management platform, the easy way to digitalize oil and gas inspection and testing services operations.

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