Video – Simple and Fast Job Quoting

Video – Simple and Fast Job Quoting

Floodlight Software makes quoting your Inspection Jobs, fast and easy.

Quotes can be created from customer request information previously captured in Floodlight Software or directly from the quote screen by simply clicking on the new proposal button.

To process the quote simply enter a project name and select your customer, site location and contact information.

You can include additional information about the quote like project description and terms and conditions in the content section of the quote.

From here you select the job types you are quoting and apply either a fixed bid price or use costs and rates for each job resource.

Floodlight software will show you the pre-saved rate for each item you are quoting.

Of course you can change the rates as needed or even choose if an item is billable.

Once your job items have been added to the quote, you can set the estimated Job Start date, the amount of time the job will take.

You can review all of your job items in the pricing tab.

Once you are satisfied with the pricing details, you can preview the quote, approve it, and send it directly to your customer with the click of a button.

To learn more about Floodlight Software, schedule a demo below. Or watch more videos in our Video Learning Series.


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