Video – Managing Customer Requests

Video: Managing Customer Requests

All inspection jobs typically start with a request from your client. These requests come in many forms including phone calls, emails, text messages or in-person meetings. Keeping track of each request can be difficult. Constantly sifting through emails, text messages and sticky notes to remember who made the request, what work they requested and when the job needs to be done is not the answer.

Floodlight Software gives you a quick and easy way to capture all of your requests in a single location. Simply add a new request, give it a title, select the company and contact from your database, log the source of your request and assign your internal owner. In the description box you can include all of the details of the job request and can even cut and paste emails into the record.

Should you need to capture additional project description information, scope of services or even job specific terms and conditions, you can do so in the content section of the request.

Once created you will see all of your requests in a single location and quickly determine their status at a glance. After a request is captured in Floodlight Software you can easily convert the request to a proposal or work order while maintaining all of the original request details.

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