Video – Client Management

Video: Client Management

Is your inspection and testing business still using paper forms spreadsheets and filing cabinets to manage customer data? If so, Floodlight Software has an easier way of capturing, storing, and maintaining all of your customer work information in a single digital location that is accessible anywhere at any time.

From the Floodlight Software Client module, you can view all of your customer detail, process new customer requests, create proposals, and set up new jobs. You can even view job histories for each client, including a complete timeline of activities which can be used as a comprehensive audit trail for each job. 

New customers can be added at any time with client profiles containing key contact information, customer site location details, terms and conditions, customer notes, and virtually any other customer-specific documents. With Floodlight Software, you can eliminate the need for paper forms, spreadsheets, and filing cabinets once and for all.

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