Video – Building a New Job or Work Order

Video – Building a Job or Work Order

Executing your job or work order based on the quote or proposal you provided to your customer ensures your profitability and your customer’s satisfaction.

With Floodlight Software you can quickly convert your proposal directly into a job work order.

After converting your proposal to a job, all of your project details, customer information, project scope and the required inspection forms are automatically added to the new job work order. Based on the inspections you will perform, Floodlight Software even shows you the technician skills that will be required to properly execute the job.

As you prepare the job work order, you can easily attach additional specification or work instruction documents directly to the work order. Keeping all the project information and documents together in a single location will ensure that your technicians will have all of the information they need once the order is dispatched.

Floodlight Software also gives you the flexibility to create a job work order on the fly, without the need to convert from a quote.

Simply select the New Job button from the jobs menu to create a new job. You can then enter your work order information, select the inspection types from the job type menu and add your project information to quickly complete the job work order.

Building job work orders can now be done quickly and easily with Floodlight Software.

To learn more about Floodlight Software, schedule a demo below. Or watch more videos in our Video Learning Series.


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